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MDOT explains the "Birth of a pothole"

Report a street light out or a major pothole in the street





Ron Dotson,
Operations Manager

Office Hours:
7:00 - 3:30

(269) 637-0730
(269) 637-4778 fax

To report an Emergency after 5:00 pm call the Police Department at (269) 637-5151

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Our street department handles most of the everyday jobs of the City. Our people are the ones who are called out on all those snowy, icy days and nights to plow our streets and salt and sand those messy intersections. They are also the individuals responsible for handling other hazards that may come from weather conditions.

Summer brings many other jobs to this department. Crews are sent out during these months to renew the paint on our streets, mow the grass in the parkways, and repair ruts in City streets left from winter weather. They are also the people called in to aide the other departments when electric outages or water main breaks occur.

Our department currently consists of nine full-time employees and normally requires a couple of part-time employees during the summer months.